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Interior Minister Announces Deportation of Immigrants Intercepted on Libya-Tunisia Border

The Minister-designate of Interior, Emad Al-Trabelsi, announced the deportation of immigrants who were intercepted at the Libyan-Tunisian border, after an agreement with the Tunisian side in a way that would serve their joint interest. Al-Trabelsi added in a press conference Monday at the headquarters of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority, during the voluntary deportation of a number of immigrants that they had deported 294 Egyptian, and 192 Nigerian people, in cooperation and coordination with the authorities in their countries, referring also to the intended deportation of 332 immigrants of different African nationalities in the coming period.

Al-Trabelsi called on the international community and the European Union to help Libya “reduce this phenomenon, which has exhausted the state with the presence of large numbers of immigrants,” stressing that all security and military agencies are making great efforts to combat it, and to rescue immigrants from the open sea and desert. He indicated that Libya “pays a huge bill due to illegal immigration as a transit country; not a destination one,” adding that “there are a number of immigrants suffering from serious and chronic diseases, which poses a threat to the security and safety of the citizens because a number of them are working inside homes, especially women.”

Al-Trabelsi also talked about reducing the flow of immigrants significantly by sea to the European Union countries during the summer of this year, as the Ministry of Interior had launched an expanded security campaign with the participation of the relevant security services, after coordination with the Office of the Attorney General to arrest human traffickers and those involved in such crimes to refer them to the judiciary.

Source: The Libya Observer