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Tunisia: optimizing phosphate transportation

Important steps are being taken in Tunisia to optimize railway transportation of phosphates, this is reported by the railway transport news portal Railway Supply.

optimize railway transportation

The signing of a $55 million agreement between the Tunisian government and the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) has been a key moment in this process.

These funds are intended to finance a project to reconstruct the railway infrastructure used for transporting phosphates and phosphate fertilizers.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 518 million dinars, approximately equal to $186 million.

This project will be implemented by the Tunisian National Railway Company (SNCFT).

The main aim of the reconstruction is to improve railway tracks in the southern part of the country over a distance of 190 km, which will optimize and increase phosphate transport.

Completion of the project is expected within two years.

This will not only reduce expenses for maintaining railway infrastructure but also stimulate the purchase of new wagons for transporting phosphate in the planned quantities.

Furthermore, this initiative will contribute to the development of the regional economy and the creation of new jobs, including in related industries, which is significant for the overall economic progress of the country.

Source: Railway Supply