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Ancient Walls Collapse in Tunisia’s Kairouan

In a tragic incident, three masons lost their lives while undertaking repairs on the ancient walls encircling the Old City of Kairouan in Tunisia—a UNESCO World Heritage site. The mishap occurred on  December 16, as a 30-meter section of the wall, near the Gate of the Floggers, collapsed during the ongoing restoration work.

Renovation Project Turns Fatal

The Kairouan medina, surrounded by extensive city walls, was undergoing renovation when the unfortunate incident transpired. Tunisia’s Civil Protection reported that heavy rains in the area in preceding days could have contributed to the wall’s collapse.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kairouan, situated at an almost equal distance from the sea and mountains, was founded in 670 AD and is recognized as one of North Africa’s holiest cities. The Great Mosque, adorned with marble and porphyry columns, and the 9th-century Mosque of the Three Gates are among its architectural treasures. In 1988, Kairouan was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Architectural Heritage

The city is home to the Mosque of the Three Doors, the oldest mosque with a sculpted façade, and served as the capital of the Muslim world in North Africa for four centuries before Tunis assumed the role in the 12th century.

UNESCO’s Perspective

According to UNESCO, Kairouan’s Mosque is a “model for several other Maghreban mosques” and stands as a testament to the early centuries of Islamic civilization and its architectural and urban evolution.

Source: GK Today