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Tunisia: Volume of Reported Investment Decreases by 3.2% at End of October 2023

The volume of reported investment in all sectors combined decreased slightly by 3.2% between 2022 and 2023 (first 10 months) to 4,905.9 million dinars (MD), according to data published on Tuesday by the Tunisia Investment Authority (TIA).

These investments have led to the creation of 65,726 jobs at the end of October 2023, representing an increase of 0.4% in terms of job creation compared to the same period in 2022.

At the end of October 2023, the volume of investment intentions for startups was significantly higher than for expansions. It reached 3,910.7 MD, i.e. 80% of the declared investments. In addition, the number of jobs to be created by the creation projects is significantly higher than the number of jobs to be created by the extension projects. It amounts to 49,503 jobs, i.e. 75% of the jobs created.

Of the investments reported in the first ten months of 2023, 22% involve foreign participation, with an investment cost of MD 1,092.8 million.

In terms of sectoral breakdown, the TIA shows that the industrial sector accounted for the largest share of investment intentions, at 54%.

It also played a leading role in job creation, contributing 56%.

The building materials and ceramics sector accounted for a large share (28%) of reported investments, followed by the agro-food industry (26%) and the mechanical and electrical industry (20%).

Investment intentions in the agro-industrial sector came in second with a significant investment volume of 1,253.7 MD, i.e. 26% of the reported investments, allowing the creation of 2,595 jobs.

According to the TIA, renewable energies have gained in importance thanks to the structuring of investments. In the first ten months of 2023, this sector, which is classified as a priority sector, recorded a volume of investment intentions of 120.4 million dinars.

These projects, reported to the TIA, concern two types of renewable energy, depending on their source: wind energy and photovoltaic energy.

According to the TIA, the investments reported up to the end of October 2023 show a balanced distribution across all governorates. The governorate of Sfax stands out with a significant share of 9.6%, representing a reported investment of 473 million Tunisian dinars.

Intentions to invest in regional development zones during the first ten months of 2023 amounted to a significant 2,348.9 million Tunisian dinars. This investment volume represents a significant share, 48%, of the total investment reported during this period.

Source: African Manager