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Arts AIUla Announces Winners of Design Award in Paris

DUBAI: Arts AlUla on Thursday announced the five winners of the AlUla Design Award at Paris Design Week. The winners are Tawa by Shaddah Studio (Saudi Arabia), Naba Tea Tiffin by Ikkis, Gunjan Gupta (India), AlUla Terrains: Dates Serving Set by Teeb (Lebanon and Saudi Arabia), Incense Heritage Collection by Sarra Hafaiedh (Tunisia) and Oil Lantern by Imane Mellah (France).

The AlUla Design Award aims to support the winners by commissioning some of the designs, providing assistance throughout the production process, and facilitating their promotion within AlUla and its influential network of regional and international activities. The exhibition in Paris, conceived by acclaimed designer Hervé Sauvage, features prototypes of all 10 finalists from Sept. 8 to 16. Nora Aldabal, executive director of Arts and Creative Industries Royal Commission for AlUla said in a statement: “The winners of the AlUla Design Award have brilliantly interpreted the landscape and heritage of AlUla through their designs.”

“We are excited that the award sits alongside several AlUla design initiatives including the trailblazing Madrasat Addeera Editions, also exhibiting in Paris; the first Design Residency which begins in October in AlUla; and the Design Space AlUla which opens in early 2024,” she added “These initiatives exemplify AlUla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design in dynamic and innovative ways whilst fostering creativity and cross-cultural connections. We look forward to nurturing these ambitious initiatives which are making AlUla a design hub in the region, engaging local and international design communities alike.”