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Japan-Tunisia Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

On September 5th, commencing at 2:00 p.m. for approximately 20 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a Foreign Ministers’ Meeting with H.E. Mr. Nabil Ammar, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad of the Republic of Tunisia. The overview is as follows.

At the outset, Minister Hayashi stated that Japan and Tunisia have had a long history of bilateral relations, fostering friendship and trust, especially through economic and cultural bilateral exchanges, and that he is determined to further develop bilateral relationship.
In response, Minister Ammar expressed his hope to strengthen cooperation on the political and economic fronts, as well as his appreciation for Japan’s cooperation for Tunisia over the years.

Minister Hayashi also expressed his gratitude for Tunisia’s generous cooperation in successfully hosting TICAD 8 last year, and his will to further develop cooperation in a wide range of areas, including counter-terrorism and security measures and business, through bilateral dialogue.
In response, Minister Ammar expressed his will to further develop cooperation in all areas, and to support for the success of TICAD 9.

The two ministers exchanged views on pressing regional and international situation, such as North Korea including the launch using ballistic missile technology on August 24th, as well as the situations in Ukraine and Palestine. In addition, regarding the recently initiated release of ALPS treated water into the ocean, Minister Hayashi explained Japan’s position, referring to the IAEA’s assessment in its Comprehensive Report, and Minister Ammar expressed his understanding on Japan’s position.

Source: MOFA