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Azam to Pitch Camp in Tunisia

AZAM said pitching a 2023/24 season camp in Tunisia will help them build a solid squad that will bring honour to the club in domestic and international competitions.

The club’s Information Officer, Hasheem Ibwe, clarified in Dar es Salaam on Sunday, insisting that Tunisia is an ideal place for them to drill.

He added that players have already begun reporting and are undergoing medical checkups to ensure they are all fit before beginning the pre-season.

“If everything goes well, we are going to depart for Tunisia on July 9th for an intensive training camp of not less than 25 days,” he said.

Additionally, he pointed out that initially, they arranged to conduct a camp in Europe, but the management reversed the decision and opted for Tunisia instead.

“In Europe, we could have faced teams which could not have given us the vibe of playing in CAF games; that is why they thought to shift it to Tunisia.

“For instance, while in Tunisia, we can request a friendly match with a team like Espérance, which can give us a good test for CAF matches, enabling our team to be well evaluated,” he said.

He also cemented that in this unfolding transfer window, Azam will sign only four players, three foreign-based. At the same time, one is domestic player Feisal Salum whom they already paraded to the public.

Moreover, Ibwe said  the cheapest player for them to sign before next season will cost 120,000 US Dollars.

Last season, the Chamazi-based outfits performed their drills in Egypt, engaging in signal-testing matches.

However, aside from Azam, Singida Fountain Gate is another Tanzanian side heading to do pre-season drills in Tunisia, as it was announced by the club recently.

Both sides will represent the country in the CAF Confederation Cup next term, a privilege they claimed after finishing third and fourth place in last season’s Premier League table.

Source: Daily News