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Sacramento Photographer Documents War in Ukraine, Shares 1,000 Photos in Midtown Exhibit

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — “The First Year” – a photography and artifact exhibit documenting the war in Ukraine – was held at CLARA Auditorium in midtown Saturday and Sunday.

The exhibit featured more than 1,000 photographs taken by photographer Alina Tyulyu of Sacramento.

Tyulyu was born in eastern Ukraine. Her family moved from Ukraine to Sacramento as refugees in 1999. With friends and family members still in the country when it was invaded by Russia, she planned a trip to the border to assist them however she could. The trip was supposed to be for three weeks.

“It ended up being almost a year,” she said. “I was completely moved by everything I was seeing.”

The photographs displayed Sunday show birthday parties and people cooking alongside images of the wreckage and of soldiers resting. Items from the front lines were also displayed.

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Tyulyu is an experienced photographer, however, her subject matter, she said, largely was within the hospitality industry. Wine and parties, as she described it. She said she started posting images on social media and quickly realized how important it was to her to share them with the world.

“I want people to listen. I want people to see,” she said. “I want people to remember. I want people to remember what war looks like. What this is.”

Profits from the event will be used towards humanitarian projects in central and eastern Ukraine.

Tyulyu encouraged anyone who wants to learn more about the photo exhibition or about her efforts in supporting Ukraine to contact her via social media.

Source : KCRA