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Tunisia: Pm Announces Launch of “Employment and Youth Fund” at World of Work Summit in Geneva

Tunisia – Prime Minister Najla Bouden has announced the launch in two days’ time of the «Employment and Youth Fund» to finance economic empowerment projects, support entrepreneurship and various employment support programmes, under the aegis of the President of the Republic and in partnership with the United Nations.

This announcement was made as the PM delivered a speech at the World of Work Summit in Geneva. She emphasised that the government has developed a strategic vision based on fundamental priorities, namely accelerating the pace of implementation of appropriate economic reforms with the aim of ensuring a positive and sustainable growth model, maintaining public financial balances by controlling the budget deficit and debt and improving the business climate and economic empowerment.

«It is clear to everyone that Tunisia is going through a delicate stage and that this reality requires everyone to give priority to work as a civilisational value, to rehabilitate manual and intellectual workers, and to undertake far-reaching reforms.»

She stressed that the achievement of justice, dignity and human freedom is a priority for Tunisia, which is more committed than ever to working, as a fundamental right, and to enshrining this principle in legislation and in practice as an illustration of the concept of a society governed by the rule of law.

This approach was given concrete expression in the Constitution of July 25, 2022, which expressly stipulates these rights and principles, in addition to the right to decent work, a fair wage, and health and social security cover, she pointed out.

Bouden added that social justice implies acting to eliminate the various causes of exclusion and marginalisation, and tackling the problems of integration using an approach that «addresses the causes of the evil.»

She called for voluntary public policies to support vulnerable groups so that they become active partners in changing their socio-economic situation, through programmes for the economic empowerment of women and community company projects as a productive civic act that contributes to entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

She emphasised the need to ensure the protection of unemployed young people among graduates of higher education and vocational training centres through programmes that encourage their integration into working life and the business world.

The PM reiterated Tunisia’s support for the initiative of the Director-General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to create a coalition for global and equitable social justice and to convene a social conference under the aegis of the United Nations in 2025, which would lay the foundations for genuine social justice to guarantee decent living conditions for future generations.

Bouden also called for universal awareness to support the valiant Palestinian people and assert their unconditional right to a decent life on their despoiled land.

Source : Zawya