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Republika Srpska Announces Its Readiness to Buy Russian Gas in Rubles

Head of the Representation Office of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Russia confirms his country’s readiness to pay the price of Russian gas in rubles due to the difficulties the Republic is facing in paying.

The head of the Republika Srpska representative office to Russia, Dusko Perovic, announced today, Monday, that his country is ready to pay the price of Russian gas in rubles.

“Gazprom renews the main contract every year, so we get the price, and in fact, it is the market price, but according to the old formula,” Perovic told Sputnik.

He added, “We are ready to pay in rubles, and this is a technical issue. Of course, today we are facing difficulties in payment, due to the delay in transfers through correspondent banks.”

And the “Gas Reis” company in the “Serbian Republic” extended the contract for the supply of natural gas with the Russian company “Gazprom”, starting from June 1.

The Serbian Minister of Energy indicated that Banja Luka (the capital of the republic) is fully satisfied with the agreements related to the price of gas and the dynamics of supply, pointing out that the price is about “290 dollars per thousand cubic meters or a little higher,” and it will be adjusted every 3 months.

According to the Ministry of Energy in Republika Srpska, the average annual consumption of natural gas in the republic amounted to about 50 million cubic meters.

The leader of the Bosnian Serbs, Milorad Dodik, announced his country’s readiness to buy Russian gas on the terms of the Russian “Gazprom” company, regarding the method of payment in national currencies, pointing out that the main goal is to maintain current prices. 

Source: almayadeen