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India and Turkey Help: Russia Supplies Oil to Europe, Despite the Embargo – Media

Photo: RIA Novosti | Russian oil cannot be imported to Europe by sea from December 2022

Seaports in India receive about 70 tankers with oil from the Russian Federation every month. In April, this country overtook Saudi Arabia as a supplier, although it does not have large oil reserves, experts at Kpler say.

The European Union receives Russian oil through third countries, despite the embargo. This was written by the German magazine Der Spiegel on May 22, citing a study by Kpler, which studies global supply chains.

The seaports of India receive at least two tankers with oil from the Russian Federation every day. In a month, 70 ships come there, said Kpler analyst Victor Katona and called the situation “complete madness.”

From December 2022, it is forbidden to import Russian oil to Europe by sea. And since February, an embargo on diesel and gasoline has been introduced. According to Cato, all this does not mean that oil from the Russian Federation will not go to the EU countries. Only now it will be an expensive and many kilometers way.

Kpler has seen a realignment of global shipping since the imposition of sanctions. Tankers with Russian oil go not to the West, but to the East – to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and mainly to India.

There are several oil refineries on the west coast of India, including the world’s largest Jamnagar Refinery. Oil from the Russian Federation is processed there into gasoline and diesel and transported to the European Union.

In April, India shipped more fuel to the EU countries than ever before, even surpassing Saudi Arabia as a supplier, according to Kpler. It is worth noting that India is not a country with huge oil reserves.

India does not support sanctions against the Russian Federation; in April, it imported up to two million barrels a day of oil from this country. This is almost 40% of its national needs. Before the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the figure was about 1%.

Refined petroleum products can be considered Indian. Some companies belong to the Russian Federation, for example, the Vadinar oil refinery is almost 50% owned by Rosneft.

The Finnish think tank for energy and clean air studies accuses the West of indirectly financing the war in Ukraine due to the purchase of oil products from the Russian Federation.

Recall that after the imposition of sanctions, Russia increased oil exports in April to 8.3 million barrels per day .

In the European Union, they thought about refusing to supply oil from the Russian Federation through the Druzhba pipeline . Poland and Germany imported an average of about 480 thousand barrels per day through this pipeline in 2022.