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Tunisia National Salvation Front: We Face Risk of Arrest in Conspiracy Case

The leader of Tunisia’s National Salvation Front ‎‎(NSFT), Ahmed Najib Chebbi‎, said yesterday that he faces “the risk of arrest” in connection with the case known in the media as “conspiracy against state security”. This came during a press conference held in the capital, Tunis, regarding the referral of a number of lawyers for investigation in the “conspiracy” case.

On Wednesday, the Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)‎ quoted a statement by Arroussi Sekir, the head of the regional branch of lawyers in the capital, as saying that “an investigation has been initiated against four lawyers, including Bushra Belhaj Hamida, Ayachi Hammami, Ahmed Najib Chebbi‎, and Noureddine Bhiri,” the latter is currently detained as a result of this case.

“We are at risk of being arrested and will be summoned for investigation on charges of conspiracy against state security,” Chebbi said.

He continued: “A second list was issued about a month ago, and it includes 27 political figures who will be investigated in the same case, such as the political activist, Mohammed Al-Hamdi, former head of the Independent High ‎Authority for Elections (ISIE)‎ Kamel Jendoubi, and adviser to the President of the Ennahda Movement, Riadh Chaibi‏.”

“We are facing the risk of imprisonment, which does not frighten us or frighten the people of principles and positions.”

“I will not cooperate with the judge who has enough information … Our battle is against the executive authority,” Chebbi added.

For his part, political activist Mohammed Al-Hamdi said during the press conference that he found his name included in a list related to a case of conspiracy against state security, while the matter is connected to his political position against the current authority.

He stated “targeting opponents, activists, politicians, and lawyers is the real conspiracy” and it is being carried out by the state against its opponents, he explained

“We have the right to disagree with the authority, and we reject the confiscation and criminalisation of this right.”

Tunisian authorities have issued no comment regarding these accusations, however, they regularly deny them and confirm their commitment to the independence of the judiciary, rights and freedoms.

Since last 11 February, Tunisia has witnessed a campaign of arrests that included politicians, journalists, activists, judges, and businessmen. President Kais Saied accused some detainees of “conspiring against state security and being behind the crises of goods distribution and rising prices.”

Saied has repeatedly emphasised the independence of the judiciary, while the opposition accuses him of exploiting the judiciary to prosecute those who reject the exceptional measures that he imposed on 25 July 2021.

Source : MEMO