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Latest Updates: Russia’s War in Ukraine (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia )


  • Ukraine’s war effort is a series of operations in different places along the frontline. There could be pauses between them. The scope and methods of upcoming operations will be different.
  • Even though they are spread out over time and space, they are all united by a single objective – complete restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders!
  • Upcoming counter-offensive will be a process with distinct stages rather than a single decisive battle that will determine the war’s outcome.


  • Russia threatened the whole NATO, but got stuck in the fighting in Donetsk Oblast.
  • In the battles for Bakhmut alone, Russia lost more soldiers than the USSR and Russia did in the wars after World War II.
  • Russian generals will not have anything to boast about on the “sacred” victory day of May 9. The objectives of military operations in Ukraine are again disrupted.
  • The cancellation of the parades of victory and the march of the “immortal regiment” on May 9 indicates that there is little new military equipment in Russia, but there are too many dead in the aggression.


  • The aggression against Ukraine has led Russia to unprecedented international isolation.
  • The Kremlin exchanged the promising development of the country for imperial mania.
  • Sanctions put an end to the modernization of Russia, which is constantly sliding to the level of a poor and technologically lagging country.
  • Putin has become an inadmissible politician in most countries of the world.
  • Russia is losing the support of its traditional partners: China, India, Brazil (BRICS members) and Armenia, Kazakhstan (members of the CSTO – Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization) voted on April 26 for the resolution of the UN General Assembly condemning Russian aggression.
  • Amid the aggravation of the internal confrontation in Sudan, Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group intensified their activities in this country.
  • BRICS is a tool of Russian neocolonialism in Africa.
  • The Kremlin’s goal is to provoke a flow of refugees from Sudan to Europe to increase economic, social, and political pressure on the EU.
  • Russia has repeatedly resorted to this tactic, provoking a migrant crisis in connection with the war in Syria and other countries.
  • Moscow seeks revenge on the EU for supporting Ukraine and to divert Europe’s resources from helping Ukraine fight Russian aggression.

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