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Despite the War. Türkiye and Russia Agree to Expand Flights

Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, Turkey plans to attract a large flow of tourists from Russia this summer. To this end, Turkish carriers are ready to operate 400 flights per week.

On April 29, representatives of Russia and Turkey agreed to increase the frequency of flights between the countries to more than 1,300 per week, TRAVEL RBC-Ukraine reports with reference to traveltomorrow.com .

Turkey hopes that the tourist flow from Russia will reach 7 million people this year, compared to 5.5 million in 2022. To this end, more flights between countries are planned.

Rostourism reported that 171 daily flights will be operated from Russia to Turkey during the summer. 1,150-1,200 flights are scheduled between the countries per week, 750 of which are operated by Russian airlines and 400 by Turkish carriers.

In the summer of 2022, the airlines of both countries made 750-850 flights per week.

It is noted that now Turkish airlines will fly more regularly to Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Saratov, as airports in southern Russia are closed.

The carrier will fly from Moscow to Istanbul and Antalya 21 times, from St. Petersburg to these cities – 14 times a week.

Due to Western sanctions, Russians cannot fly directly to European cities, so Istanbul and Belgrade are the only two routes available. This has already led to a sharp increase in ticket prices. To travel to Europe, many Russians have to travel by train or bus to Finland or the Baltic countries, from where they fly to other countries.

Despite the war.  Türkiye and Russia agree to expand flightsPhoto: Coast of Antalya (pixabay.com)

Earlier, representatives of the Turkish tourism business predicted that only 3 million Russians would visit the country this season. One of the reasons is the sanctions against Russian aviation. The second is the rise in prices of Turkish hotels and the weakening of the ruble.

Recall that we wrote that half as many tourists from Russia are predicted in Turkey .

Source: rbc