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“Raises the Alarm Bells” – Dp World Tour’s Eddie Pepperell Questions the Circuit’s Strategic Alliance With the Pga Tour

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Eddie Pepperell is the latest golfer to raise concerns over the DP World Tour’s position in the golf world. The English golfer questioned the viability of the circuit’s strategic alliance with the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour has introduced designated events this year after announcing its alliance with the DP World Tour. Following the new changes, more high-profile players were inducted into the American circuit for events.

However, many have since questioned the logic behind its alliance with the European tour and how it benefits the latter. Pepperell has now come forward to state that the situation “raises the alarm bells” as it lacks clarity.

Speaking on the Sky Sports Golf Podcast, Eddie Pepperell said:

“Make no bones about it, it certainly raises the alarm bells. I think for us as a tour to say, ‘where is this strategic alliance? How is it going to work?’ Because, to me, now there’s another layer that’s been put in.”

The comments came after he raised multiple queries surrounding the cause of the strategic alliance. Asking whether the DP World Tour had been compromised in making the PGA Tour’s changes, he said:

“I think the strategic alliance is under, not threat, but it certainly, it would make sense to put more of a microscope on it at the moment and say, ‘where is the alliance here?’ And I actually know that this latest round of changes has taken people higher up on our tour aback and that wasn’t what was expected.”

He added:

“Remember this latest round of changes on the PGA Tour were player-driven. This wasn’t driven by Jay Monahan and his team. This was driven by 25 top players on the PGA Tour. Now, Jay doesn’t really have much of a choice but to really go along with them by and large if he wants to keep a few of the big players on his tour, so you can understand why they can implement it.”

GA and DP World Tour’s ‘strategic alliance’ concerning for players

The PGA Tour and the DP World Tour set up their strategic alliance last year amid the raging LIV Golf debate. The two sides joined hands to strengthen their fight against the rise of the Saudi-backed series.

Announcing the alliance, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan stated that the two circuits would “continue to collaborate on a global schedule… even closer together.” However, any action in favor of the European tour is yet to be seen.
It is noteworthy that Eddie Pepperell isn’t the first player to question the alliance. LIV Golf’s Lee Westwood had earlier criticized the deal and asked why the European tour agreed to the move. Matt Fitzpatrick also raised concerns over the agreement and said that the DP World Tour could become a mere feeder for the PGA Tour in the future.

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