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Some Tunisians Now Celebrate a Somber Ramadan

Ramadan has been a different experience for the population of Tunisia in the years since the fall of former President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011.

The African country is now in the grip of a political, economic, and financial crisis, and its people prepare for either a somber or lavish holy month.

The center of Tunis on the first day of Ramadan saw hundreds of people queuing close to the Avenue Habib Bourguiba in the hope of securing a bag of sugar.

That basic item, like so many other commodities, has been difficult to find for nearly a year due to a chronic shortage.

Aware of the fact that Tunisians will never accept not being able to fill their shopping carts, the government has been making an effort to make essentials available to the people, at least during Ramadan.

The authorities have taken steps to guarantee supply, particularly by monitoring distribution channels more closely.

They have also imposed price caps on certain commodities to reduce the impact of inflation, which reached its highest level in 40 years with a 10.4 percent rate in February.

The authorities have also allocated nearly 40 million dinars ($13.13 million) to an aid program — both financial and in kind — to help around 320 families in need and set up 48 tables for breaking the fast for those who do not have access to aid.

In stark contrast to those in the country who can barely manage to eat during Ramadan, another section of the population indulges in overconsumption and waste.

The National Institute of Statistics, which revealed in 2021 that the consumption of certain products had increased 50 percentage points during Ramadan, reminded Tunisians on March 26 that nearly 66 percent of their food ended up in the bin.

These disparities are now a feature of the Ramadan experience throughout the country.

Source : Arab News