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In the south of Tajikistan, it was forbidden to build skyscrapers among old multi-storey buildings

On behalf of acting. Head of the Khatlon region Davlatali Said in the city of Bokhtar introduced a ban on the construction of high-rise buildings between the old Soviet high-rise buildings. 

They are now indicated to be built on the outskirts of the city. This was announced by the first deputy head of the region Amonullo Salimzoda to journalists at a press conference on February 14.

Then the official did not comment on the details of the ban, and “Asia-Plus” decided to turn to the acting. Mayor of Bakhtar Faizullo Barotzoda. 

He confirmed this information and said that on behalf of Davlatali Said, from now on, all decisions on the allocation of land plots for the construction of new houses among the old high-rise buildings will be cancelled.

“This decision does not apply to unfinished facilities,” he said.

Mayor of Bokhtar Faizullo BarotzodaAsia Plus

“We gathered entrepreneurs, heads of construction companies, and discussed this issue. On the basis of the general plan of the city, we suggested that they build skyscrapers only on the central streets. First of all, on Vahdat Avenue, in the area of ​​the Dushanbe-Bohtar highway. There are many objects that have been do not work – several gas stations, there are also residential barracks. Companies must agree with the owners of these facilities on compensation for property and then they can start building,” the mayor of Bokhtar told the details of negotiations with construction companies.

He also admitted that skyscrapers can be erected along Sadriddin Aini Street, which also does not contradict the general plan of the administrative center of Khatlon. 

“There, too, it is possible to build on the site of old residential barracks and two-story Khrushchev buildings, which, according to the general plan, are subject to demolition. And in this case, construction companies, on the basis of a bilateral agreement, must compensate the owners of housing,” the head of the city added.

Fazullo Barotzoda said that all projects for the construction of new residential high-rise buildings must be approved by the head of the region. 

In addition, he recalled that construction companies must comply with all requirements of urban planning. Including the construction of parking lots, playgrounds and other infrastructure.

“The working group of the city administration is now conducting an audit, we plan to cancel the decisions issued earlier by the head of the city on the allocation of land for construction in residential areas among old high-rise buildings, where construction work has not yet begun,” the mayor of Bokhtar emphasized. 

Also, according to him, it is planned to build a number of playgrounds, “which are almost gone, because the city should look like a city.”

Note that the acting Chairman of the Khatlon region Davlatali Said, after being appointed to this post, expressed dissatisfaction with the appearance of the city of Bokhtar, as the administrative center of Khatlon.

He instructed his deputies and the head of Bokhtar to restore order in the city as soon as possible.

Source : Asia Plus Jt