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Qatargate: Raid on the Talamanca NGO – What the Italians are looking for

Investigations at the headquarters of Nicolo Figa Talamanca’s NGO, No peace without justice, in Rome, in the context of Qatargate , the investigation that led to his arrest together with that of former MEP Antonio Pantzeri, his wife and his daughter.

Guardia di Finanza officials from Milan’s public prosecutor’s office recovered accounting documents related to the NGO, which is considered by Brussels prosecutors to be one of the tools used to traffic and launder money arriving from Qatar and Morocco, the countries accused of paying bribes to influence European Parliament policy.

A team of investigators from Brussels who also arrived in Rome was joined by federal prosecutor Raphael Malagnini, who had already stopped in Milan to meet with chief prosecutor Marcello Viola and deputy prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale.

According to La Repubblica the searches also concerned the home of an employee of the NGO, Antonella Casu, who manages the fund.

It is recalled that Nicolo Figa Talamanca was released from prison in February after two months in prison. The NGO is not under investigation. The investigation order is dated December 11, 2022. “The NGO No Peace Without Justice has offered maximum cooperation with the investigators and reiterates the full correctness and legality of its actions” – comments the lawyer of the NGO Guido Camera and adds “We hope that soon light will be shed on the facts under investigation.”

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