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Eva Kaili: Why does she only see her child twice a month

The reasons why Eva Kaili sees her child twice a month, her lawyer Sven Marie explained . Speaking to ERT, Sven Mari spoke of 7,500 pages of the case file, while when asked why Eva Kaili called her father and not the police when she found the suitcase with the money, he noted that he will not comment on its content folder.

“In Belgium we have very strict rules regarding the content of the case file, which means that there is the secrecy of the interrogation. Mrs. Kaili in the interrogation gave explanations about this. I will not comment on the content of the case file”, emphasized the lawyer of Mrs. Kailis.

Why is he still in prison?
Regarding why Eva Kaili remains in prison, Sven Marie said that the Belgian authorities believe that Eva Kaili may still tamper with evidence or come into contact with people who may be arrested along the way or called to testify.

Her lawyer emphasized that “humanely we have to understand that she is a mother at this stage, who has not committed murder or terrorist acts and is not a drug dealer, but was the vice-president of the European Parliament”, while emphasizing that it is a kind of trophy or symbol.

Because she sees her child twice a month
“The Authorities allow Eva Kaili to see her child every day for one hour. You should know that a 24-month-old child does not understand many things yet. When a child arrives in prison, he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know what prison is. But when the visit lasts an hour a day, after 35 minutes you have to prepare the child that mom will leave. After 25 minutes the child cries. The child is sad and does not understand why his mother is leaving,” said Sven Marie.

And she noted that “she sees her child twice a month for two or three hours. This is the possibility that the prison offers and this possibility was also given to him last Saturday.”

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